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Payment & Order

USDT/Bank transfer is It is recommended.
Considering the timeliness, we recommend USDT

Because the market changes quickly,for in stock machines,need to pay in full amount.

Yes, as we know, coin prices and machine prices are always fluctuating, in order to get the latest prices, we recommend that you consult us before placing the order, this will save you money and ship faster.

You don’t have to, wallets and transfers from all platforms are supported

Tax & Shipping

We will decide which warehouse to ship from based on your machine model.

Generally, for stock orders, we will ship the goods within 1-3 days after receiving full payment. If pre order, we will ship the goods ASAP after notifying you of the arrival of the goods and collecting the balance payment.

Yes, you will need to clear customs and pay duties to your country’s customs office (DAP)
With understanding of the risks and agreement, we can help you find a door-to-door shipping method (DDP)
Please contact our sales for specific transportation plans.

Product & Warranty

Because the power supply voltage specifications of each country are different, the factory does not come with a power cord according to the manufacturer.
We offer a wide selection of power cord and accessory options if you need.

Manufacturer’s warranty ranges from 180-360 days, depending on the miner manufacturer and model. And its date from the factory

We will provide you with technical guidance ASAP. If official repair is required, we can also provide guidance of the process.

It’s not difficult, you can follow the instructions or follow our guidance, it won’t take a long time

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